Admittance Criteria


Applicant must have a history of and desire to live an independent, quiet, respectful, and responsible lifestyle.

Demeanor & Behavior

Applicant must:

1) have a proven record of abiding by rules (including drinking, illegal substances, and all other state and federal laws),

2) agree to abide by The Collegian Code of Conduct as described in the Lease, and

3) have a satisfactory Future Resident Interview with a manager of The Collegian.

Financial Responsibility– Co-signer

Either Applicant or his/her a co-signer must have the legal and the financial means to assure payment will be made for the complete length of the Lease.


Payment for-each academic quarter must be made approximately 20 days prior to the start of each Academic Quarter.

Personal References

Applicants must provide three personal references, past landlord information (if applicable) and co-signer information (if applicable).  These people will be interviewed as part of the application process.

No Application Fee – Fast Response

The application process is FREE, EASY and FAST.  You can apply online and pay your deposit online at any time.

 Once you've submitted your application, please allow 2-5 days for processing.  Delays are caused by unavailability of your references.  Please alert them that they will be called.

To reserve your room, you must pay your deposit.