The Collegian is built based on what I had learned when my daughters were going off to college. I am closely involved with The Collegian’s management and operations and committed to creating "homestyle living" for students who believe their purposes for attending college are to educate themselves, to live sensibly, and to have fun in a responsible manner. I have assembled a team who is dedicated to providing the best accommodations for those away from home and for creating excellent value for residents of The Collegian. Here I am with my home grown pears!






I really enjoy my involvement with young people and their families. I have a  background in many fields, including administration work for small businesses and bookkeeping for many others. I enjoy being with friends and family.  I have been a guardian ad litem for children and has fostered over 13 children in her life.  I have two grandchildren who are the joys of my life.  I am also also currently involved with an organization that does everything green and am  learning a whole new world of sustainability. I hope that you will always feel welcome to call me to chat or problem solve. Hoping you have a wonderful year at The Collegian! We try and make it feel like ‘almost’ home.








I moved to Eugene 10 years ago, with my husband, from Tacoma Washington. I have 3 dogs and enjoy going on trips with them.  I enjoy working on my house when not at The Collegian.  My policy is "if I can’t fix it, it must not be broken!"








I have been a member of The Collegian Staff since September of 2006. I am a native Oregonian and have lived in the Eugene area since 2006. I have traveled and visited each state but Oregon is still my favorite. I loves spending time with her family. I also enjoys “puttering” around the yard, gardening, nature, vacations and always have a book that i'm reading.









I LOVE to cook, spend time with family, go antiquing, fishing, camping and spend time in the outdoors.  I have recently started looming and looks forward to creating many things.






I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon, and is the oldest of two children. I graduated from Blanchet Catholic School in 2009 and graduated from Chemeketa Community College in 2014. In the summer of 2013, I travelled with my family to San Diego and watched my little brother graduate from boot camp and become a United States Marine. I transferred to the University of Oregon in the Fall, 2014, as a Junior and pursued a major in Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology and a minor in African Studies. In June, 2016 I completed my Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology and African Studies.  When i'm not studying, I enjoy reading historical fiction, listening to music from all over the world, cooking international cuisine and learning about culture.


Justin, RESIDENT assistant:





I am from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. I am currently pursuing a degree in the School of Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon. I was exposed to The Collegian through familial boasting and has remained in the building since I was a freshman. In my spare time nothing makes me happier than lacing up a pair of hockey skates and ripping some slap shots. Aside from playing Hockey I am almost always watching Hockey. Odds are you'll see me catching games in the Collegian lobby that I am unable to stream from my room. After graduation I would like to be involved in the sporting world.