An Academically Oriented Student Community

The Collegian is built based on what I had learned when my daughters were students. I am closely involved with The Collegian's management and operations and committed to creating "homestyle living" for students who believe their purposes for attending college are to educate themselves, to live sensibly, and to have fun in a responsible manner.  ~Martin Seelig, Owner

Listen to what some of our current residents have to say about us.

Good Neighbors & Grades

At The Collegian, our residents sign a Code of Conduct.  At the root of it, our Code of Conduct is aimed at creating an environment where residents are good neighbors to one another.  So, when residents need to have a quiet place to study for an upcoming test or just want to have a peaceful night of sleep, they needn't go further than their own comfortable StudioPlex or Custom Studio room. 

Having a stable environment where you can get your sleep, study, and eat healthy meals on a regular basis, means that you have an excellent chance of success in school.  As a result, a high percentage of our residents earn an Academic Achievement Award from us each term.  



A great community

With a small population of about 50 students, we want our residents to feel that they are a part of a fun and supportive community.  As meals are prepared onsite and served in a common dining area, it's easy to make friends here just by coming downstairs to eat.  

Shy when it comes to meeting new people?  Our Resident Manager and Resident Assistants are extremely friendly and outgoing.  They host numerous onsite and offsite gatherings each term to help people connect with each other and to give residents an environment where they can relax and unwind when needed.