FAQ's About Off-Campus University of Oregon and Lane CC Student Housing


Are the rates listed per quarter/term or per academic year?

Academic Year Rates are listed per quarter.

Summer Quarter rates are listed per quarter or as otherwise noted for shorter stay options. Summer Quarter leases are flexible to fit most lengths of stay.

Do I have to pay a fee to apply to be a resident?


When do I have to pay?

Payment of rent for-each academic quarter must be made three (3) weeks prior to the start of each U.O. Academic Quarter, although if your circumstances require, we have the flexibility to make alternate arrangements.  Special provisions are made for those receiving financial aid.

Is The Collegian a dorm or an apartment complex?

The Collegian is a student dorm – special in that we are the only privately owned, off-campus student dorm in Eugene.  Unlike an apartment, The Collegian provides 19 meals per week during the Academic Year.  Residents of The Collegian form, a closely knit “family.”  Our dining room and lobby offer ideal settings to socialize with other academically motivated students in , a secure atmosphere without the noise racket of overwhelmingly large scale dorms. The Collegian residents experience more privacy than a multi-bedroom apartment, , and enjoy “the comforts of home.”

Are residents both undergrad and grad students?

During the Academic Year residents are at all levels of both undergraduate and graduate student studies. Residents come to The Collegian when just starting University/College after living in other dorms or apartments themselves, or after having heard stories from those who have. Our residents have either had enough or heard enough of those undesirable living arrangements and have made a conscientious decision to improve the quality of their collegiate living experience.

Can I room as a double? If so, can I pick my roommate?

Yes, residents are welcome to share any room as a double. You can select your own roommate, or we can help Applicants who are interested in rooming together need to apply as a double with their chosen roommate Each roommate must make a deposit and be individually approved.

What is the difference between the corner and the other rooms?

Corner rooms are coveted because each has windows on two walls which means more light!  There are only 6 corner rooms. 3 are Studio-Plex corner rooms and 3 Custom Studio corner rooms.

Do the rooms have high-speed internet connection?

Yes. Comcast high-speed internet is installed in all rooms.  The cost is included as part of your room rent.

Where is The Collegian located in relation to the UO campus?

 At the SW corner of the UO campus.    Checkout the map

How many students live in The Collegian?

Each year the number of residents varies between approximately 50 and 60 depending on the number of double rooms.

How many rooms are in The Collegian?

The Collegian has 44 residential rooms — 22 Studio-Plexes and 22 Custom Studios.

Can students from Lane Community College live at The Collegian?


How far is the closest bus stop to LCC?

One block @ 19th & Alder.

What is the meal plan during the academic year?

“All you can eat” meals are included in The Collegian’s “all inclusive, package deal.”  Unlike UO dorms, we do not have meal cards.  Residents will not have to worry about a point system that limits meals and snacks.

Can you accommodate my special dietary needs?

Yes!  Please just ask Colleen, Kitchen Manager.

Do I need renter’s insurance?

No, but The Collegian recommends that each resident purchases a renter’s insurance policy especially to protect against third party liability.

Is The Collegian closed during Winter Break or Spring Break?

No.  The Collegian is open. However, there is no meal service during these holidays. There is a fee to stay during Winter Break, but Residents may stay at The Collegian for no extra charge during Spring Break..

How do I get answers to other questions?

Please call 541-343-1255 or email info@thecollegian.com.