Enjoy 19 meals per week in our café.

Snacks & beverages are available 24/7.  

Want to know more?  Have a look at our Sample Menu.

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Fresh and Local

Unlike other off-campus apartments in Eugene, our residents never have to worry about getting a healthy meal. 

The Collegian is on the leading edge of quality college dining. Therefore, we focus on:

--Seasonal and local salad bar greens

--Trans-fat free house-made goods.

Every item we serve is carefully tracked for freshness and quality from the moment it enters our door until it ends up on your plate.


In a hurry?

Unfortunately, sometimes residents are too busy to hang around and relax in our dining room.  For those busy times we offer:

  • "grab 'n go" breakfasts and lunches
  • "Late plates" boxed and ready to heat up when you get home.

For days when you have a bit more time, you can enjoy relaxing in our comfortable dining room in the evening or starting out a leisurely weekend morning by sipping organic coffee and catching up with a friend, watching TV, surfing the web, or reading the paper.  

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Just like home!

Unlike other off-campus housing in Eugene, our residents never have to worry about food.  Another reason we're just like home!

Like sleeping in on weekends? Special brunch served 10am - 1pm.  

Food allergies or sensitivities?  Chef Laural will create delicious dishes that cater to your needs (vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free).

Have a favorite recipe?  Our chef will prepare it specially for you and your friends.